Something About Me ...

A Senior Front-end Developer with 2 decades of experience

Working both freelance contractor and permanent since the year 2000, I have picked up a wide array of experience working with a variety of stacks, from front-end to back.  In recent years I have started worked with a range of different tools, whether for building, compiling, transpiling or creating, and I am hugely enjoying the new features of ES201x

During the course of the last decade I have found myself working on a range of different types of projects, within which there are included high-traffic product driven sites serving millions of uniques a month and high-end advertising campaign sites lasting a matter of months after completion, as well as start-ups that sold for several hundred million dollars, and campaigns that picked up Lions at the respective Cannes Festival.

Most recently I have worked on an AEM-based CMS with a single code base for Renault, Nissan, Datsun and Infiniti for a global roll-out, a Star Alliance "Gold Game", reaching a quarter of a million players, and continue to work on financial web applications for private clients, which involve development with a core of tools, including BackboneJS, Require JS, Zend Framework 2 and the usual suspects of HTML5 and CSS3.

With all that being said, please feel free to get in touch.